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author of texts for sites

5,000 - 10,000¥

<p>About Us</p>

<p>We are SEO MASTER company, promoting online resources.</p>

<p>At the moment we need staff for the</p>


<p> project</p>

<p>Why work with us?</p>

<p>We encourage initiative and new thinking: our team consists of strong, ambitious</p>

<p>professionals and diverse personalities. With us there are opportunities for growth</p>

<p>and development.</p>


<p>Depending on your preferences and abilities - translation, writing and rewriting of</p>


<p>Work schedule - remotely</p>

<p>5 pages (10,000 characters) per day.</p>

<p>• you are erudite, a positive thinking person;</p>

<p>• The only thing you love more than writing – reading;</p>

<p>• Want to know more and learn to write even better.</p>

<p>• Subjects that you can write to professionally (as a rule, coincide with your</p>

<p>education, work experience or hobby).</p>

<p>Fill out the google form to apply to an interview, so that we can see your creative</p>

<p>abilities and writing skills. This will be a big plus for you as a candidate for this</p>


<p> </p>