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Менеджер по продажам LLP Astyk Impex

Менеджер ВЭД
до 5,000¥

Sell wheat flour production LLP Astyk Impex, it is desirable to have its own customer base, in this case, bonuses for sales in addition to payment. Further information about the company and logistics in China is provided.

The bread is delicious and healthy from childhood, and croissants aerobatics!

Flour-wholesale.asia official dealer of IGO Bread house Kazakhstan.

Delicious bread and buns for your family. Wheat flour wholesale from Kazakhstan. Delicious bread from childhood. We ship by containers, cars, motor transport, delivery time 30 days. The quality of the flour the premium. We sign contracts for one year or more, a full set of documents and a guarantee of quality of delivery from SGS. Bran food wheat for the production of fitness nutrition for the sports community. Wheat flour of the highest grade and the first grade for direct deliveries, small bakeries and confectionery for bread, rolls and croissants. Customers are happy, sales are growing, business is growing, everyone is happy. White PVC bags of 40-50 kg., if necessary, brand. This gives a stunning effect, something like the production flow, process automation, allows you to constantly grow the customer base and sales.

On the website we accept orders around the clock, in the application specify the details and postal address, contact person signing the contract, phone , email, Bank details and scan the passport of the signatory.

Route No. 1, station Kostanay – station Alashankou /TRANS-shipment for Chinese/ on the article of the Customer.

Route №2 Kostanay - Aktau port, by sea to the ports of Azerbaijan, Iran…

Route №3 art. Kostanay – port Novorossiysk, sea Turkey or Russia art. Customer.

Waiting for your orders,